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Seascape Strawberry + Rose Geranium Jam

SQIRL | Strawberry Rose Jam

Seascape Strawberry + Rose Geranium Jam


Crafted By: Jessica Koslow

Los Angeles, CA

McGrath Family Farms, which has been growing the land in Oxnard since 1868, produces the beautiful organic Seascape Strawberries found in this sweet, acidic jam. Firm in texture and compact in size these berries are the ideal variety for preserving. Paired with Rose Geranium produces an elegance to the jam and floral notes that are ideal for early summer. While the jam is ideal for a crunchy piece of Brioche it also is a great addition to pastries, with porridge, or folded into crepes.

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Launched in 2011 as a one woman preserves company, specializing in seasonal flavors with unexpected twists. A year later they began offering breakfast (until 4PM) and lunch in their small 800-square foot space, becoming a beacon for Los Angeles cuisine with their re-imagined menu of market-driven classics. All preserves remain made on-site, in copper jam pots, and according to techniques developed in the 1500's. Dedicated to their community, the team at SQIRL provide insight to elementary age students through an on-site garden at a local school, and supporting local agriculture wherever possible by working with family owned farms to ensure their products are brimming with flavor.

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