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Oakwood Roasted Coffee

Mr. Espresso Oakwood Roasted Coffee

Mr. Espresso

Crafted By: Carlo Di Ruocco

Oakland, CA

Mr. Espresso is the first and only roaster in the United States to roast coffee beans exclusively over a fire fueled by oak wood. The differences include a smokier tone and a higher moisture content, resulting in more oil preservation and thus, more exquisite flavor. 

This more nuanced flavor coffee perfect for the kitchen. The complex flavors make this an ideal coffee for red eye gravy in the morning; brewed and used in a marinade for braised short ribs; or baked into the most sumptuous coffee cake.

About Mr. Espresso

Mr. Espresso has grown into a Bay Area institution - as a quality roaster and an established provider of espresso equiment, service and training to a sizeable share of coffeehouses and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Mr. Espresso continues to be family-owned and operated with two generations of Di Ruoccos working together in the Oakland showroom and roasting facility to ensure what began over thirty years ago will endure. 

Discover Mr. Espresso's Oakwood Roasted Coffee In The Box From Chef Dakota Weiss