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Nomad Spice Blend

Savour This Kitchen

Nomad Spice Blend

Crafted By: Michael + Marlene Bernstein

Los Angeles, CA

Drawing upon such spices native to the Mediterranean Coast, the Nomad spice blend, is the quintessential flavor boost to dishes traditionally found in this area. This fragrant spice blend is robust with lots of warm, herbaceous flavors. "Nomad" features a blend of sumac, sesame, coriander, thyme, mint, onion, and red pepper - salt- and sugar-free, vegan, and Paleo-friendly. 

We love adding the blend into hummus or labneh, mixed into fresh dough for pasta or pizza, or to imbue a deep crisp flavor to roasted eggplant. Dust it over a Greek salad to enhance its flavors, and go one step further whisking into a creamy feta dressing for an extra punch of flavor. This Coastal inspired blend of flavors will leave you feeling like a gourmet chef.


About Savour This Kitchen

Savour This Kitchen is focused on cultivating rustic ingredients, using an assortment of locally grown and seasonal ingredients to create food that is simple, yet big in taste. By meeting with local vendors at LA-area farmers' markets and sampling a variety of produce offered, Savour This Kitchen creates the most flavorful blends and assortment of sauces. 

Nomads, without an office, shop, or studio, the duo work out of their home and local coffee houses - inspired to show people that cooking can be approachable, fund, and delicious. Thier goal is to make their spice blends stand out from the crowd - adding diversity through their creation of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern blends all of which are multi-purpose and without salt and sugar, allowing home cooks to determine how much or little their palate prefers.


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