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Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee

The Poor Porker

Crafted By: Robyn + Jarrid

Lakeland, FL

Poor Porkers Campfire Coffee captures the beauty of a a cracking fire in the woods. A careful blend of fair trade organic coffee with hickory smoked chicory results in the perfect blend of smoky, toasty flavors that balance the delicate notes of this specially-roasted coffee. Campfire Coffee recalls the scents and sounds of the forest. 

Delicate scents of smoke and rich earth balance notes of roasted chestnuts and bittersweet chocolate and pairs well with game, vanilla, and caramel. We love using Campfire Coffee to enrich a Cake batter or French Toast; in a rub with Aleppo Pepper or Vindaloo; and of course served up in our daily Cortado.

About The Poor Porker

One day, while searching Los Angeles for the perfect beignet and not finding any that theyloved, inspiration struck the team at the Poor Porker. Making hand rolled beignets would be the the perfect way to spread their (relatively crazy) idea, build community and share their upcycled designs. Jarrid + Robyn had a yard sale, packed the car with tools and thier pup and headed to Lakeland, FL. The Poor Porker opened at the farmer's market within 2 weeks of their arrival. Using scrap metal, wood and trinkets at junk yards and thrift shops they built their first booth with only a camp stove and a cast iron dutch oven to cook with. Since their humble beginning, The Poor Poker have been able to expand our business, design creative spaces in their community, and launch new products (including the Campfire Coffee in this basket) with plans on opening thier second location in Portland, Oregon in late 2015.