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Porchetta Rub

BK Spice Rubs | Porchetta Rub

Porchetta Rub

Bruce Kalman Collectoin

Crafted By: Bruce Kalman

Pasadena, CA

Made with 100% all-natural ingredients including HEPP's Portuguese Sea Salt, Fennel Seed, Garlic, Rosemary, Calabrian Chile Flake, Black Pepper, Fennel Pollen, and Lemon Zest, the flavor profile was inspired by a trip our Chef Collaborator took to Italy years ago. 

After having the pleasure of tasting a simply made Porchetta with local ingredients, Bruce has been hard at work developing a rub reminiscent of that trip enhanced by his philosophy as a chef. While the blend will complement any cut of meat, its Tuscan properties also allow it to meld well in a variety of dishes and preparations. We love using it to add depth to stews and soups, paired with yogurt for crudités of seasonal vegetables, or rubbed on a perfectly crisp roast chicken.

About Bruce Kalman Collection

Created by our own chef collaborator and crafted using a blend of only the finest, freshest herbs and spices, Bruce Kalman Collection is artfully prepared using small batches to deliver a truly inspiring and robust flavor. A partnership with HEPP's Natural Sea Salts during the process adds depth to each blend with the goal of elevating every culinary creation. Dedicated to supporting local agriculture and the food community of Los Angeles, the ingredients for Bruce Kalman Collection Spice Rubs are sourced only miles from Kalman's Pasadena-located restaurant, Union, and utilized throughout the menu of rustic, elegant, and sustainable fare.