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Chef Fabian Gallardo prepares the traditional Mexican dessert, Buñuelos: a thin dough that is lightly fried and drizzled with maple.  For January's Basket Chef Gallardo replaces the maple with Dude, Sweet Chocolate's One Night Stand Potion.

Check out the recipe for this simple + mouthwatering dessert below.

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6 Flour Tortillas, 6-Inch Diameter

4 Cups, Canola Oil

1 Cup, Sugar

1 Teaspoon, Ground Cinammon

Bottle, Dude, Sweet Chocolate "One Night Stand Potion"


Heat the oil to 350 degrees farenheit

Slice the flour tortillas into triangles

Deep fry until golden brown, approximately 2 minutes

Dust the Bunuelos with cinnamon + sugar

Drizzle with

Dude Sweet Chocolate "One Night Stand" Potion

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Bunuelos | Dude, Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion
Bunuelos | Dude, Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion