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Ingredient Highlight | Blueberry Conserva


Blueberry Conserva

Wallace Comestibles

Malibu, CA

Curator: Carolyn Wallace

Wallace Comestibles mission is to create thought-provoking and flavor inspiring jams, jellies, and preserves. Their Blueberry Conserva is a testament to their ability to do just that. With the initial taste of tangy blueberries giving way to flavors that include ginger, Meyer lemon, and black pepper this spread goes beyond toast with the ability to be utilized in both sweet and savory preparations.

The Blueberry Conserva from Wallace Comestibles lends itself well to Asian flavors, melding well with soy and mirin or in lieu of plum sauce with Peking Duck. It's robust nature stands up to red meats in a balsamic reduction or added to a marinade. In sweet dishes we love it folded into creamy vanilla ice cream, in pie mixtures, or integrated into cookie dough.

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