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Husk, South Carolina

A study in "the reality of cooking in the South", Husk has become a gastronomic mecca with locations in both Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee.  We had the opportunity experience lunch from Husk's Culinary Masters Sean Brock + Travis Grimes recently and are excited to share our adventure with you!

The restaurant in Charleston, SC is set in a beautiful late 19th century compound, retaining the grandeur of Charleston.  An extensive remodel of the interior presents a modern, minimalist theme that pairs well with the reinterpreted food from the kitchen.

Navy Strength Rum | Strawberry Syrup | Lime Juice | Soda | Allspice

Punch - a "Historic Charleston Tradition".  We're not ones to pass up on historic traditions so we imbibed with Selassie's Punch Confident in the Victory of Good over Evil.  Sounds like the perfect drink to start off any meal.

A Skillet of Cornbread | Allan Benton's Bacon | Pork Butter

A staple favorite anywhere it is served, Husk cooks and serves their cornbread in a skillet - with bacon + pork butter. Enough said? We think so.  The preparation in the skillet gives the bottom of the cornbread that perfectly crispy and crunchy crust to complement the mealy texture of the bread while the pork butter adds a slight sweetness to complement the saltiness of the bacon.

Pig's Ear Lettuce Wraps | Sweet Vinegar Marinated Cucumbers | Onions | Cilantro

These are not your ordinary lettuce wraps.  These come filled with the crispiest, sauciest pigs ears we've ever had the pleasure of eating.  How Husk is able to create such a crispy and simultaneously saucy pig's ear preparation is beyond us.  A palate-satisfying blend of Southern and Asian flavors, these lettuce wraps are slathered with"Kentukyaki" and served with sweet vinegar marinated cucumbers, onions + cilantro. This dish is a must have for anyone visiting Husk and one that you will remember for weeks to come.

An overview of the apps.

And on to the mains:

Fried Chicken Po' Boy | Carrot + Cabbage Buttermilk Ranch "Slaw" | Fried Potato Wedges

Crisp skin, tender meat + a bright, flavorful "slaw", paired with a slightly spicy aioli, atop a buttery bun - this is the quintessential fried chicken sandwich. Well done boys.

Carolina Catfish | Green Beans | Smoky Tomato | Fennel

One cannot travel to the South and not get fried catfish.  The velvety texture of the meat is nicely contrasted with the perfectly crisp exterior.  Paired with fresh summer vegetables and a rich, smoky tomato sauce, this was a perfect ending to a satisfying Epicurean Adventure.

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