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August, 2014 Chef's Megan + Colby Garrelts


The Craveable Life Volume VI

August, 2014, Megan + Colby Garrelts

For the month of August, The FareTrade is honored to partner with husband and wife chef duo, Megan + Colby Garrelts.  With Megan running the pastry program while Colby handles the savory dishes, they create Progressive American food in their Kansas City restaurants bluestem + Rye.

Chef Colby was awarded the prestigious Best Chef Southwest by the James Beard Foundation in 2013.

Colby + Megan


Chef Megan + Colby's August Basket Menu

Twins Pasta | Dungeness Crab | Parmesan Cream

Roasted Pork | Sweet + Sour Peaches

Spiced Caramel Corn |  Roasted Nuts

Smoked Brisket | Joe's BBQ

Roasterie Coffee Ice Cream


Featured Small-Batch Ingredients


Joe's Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Kansas City, KS

Artisans: Jeff & Joy Stehney

Operating since the 1990’s with a passion for everything smoke and BBQ, Oklahoma Joe’s has fast become the barbeque spot synonymous with Kansas City. With three restaurant locations and a retail store, the brand has expanded in the region, but has never lost their heritage roots. The team’s ambition has never been to be the biggest. Oklahoma Joe’s only mission has been to be the best. By keeping production methods small, they’ve kept it real. Their dedication to their customers and product helps to reinforce the importance of what they do, and their role in Kansas City’s barbeque tradition. Lauded by everyone from Anthony Bourdain to USA Today, Oklahoma Joe’s is everything you could want from a sauce with all the appeal of a home-grown and raised local product.



Baia Pasta | Durum Wheat Semolina Twins

Oakland, CA

Artisans: Renato Sarto + Dario Barbone

Baia Pasta is the brainchild of two natives from Piemonte, a region in Northwestern Italy that cherishes their pasta creation and cultivation. The seed for Baia Pasta started when Renato learned that most Italian pasta is made from American and Canadian wheat that is shipped to Italy, made into pasta, and then shipped back. After a few years of study, Renato extracted enough wisdom from the Italian maestri to start extruding his own pastascuitta made from a variety of heirloom grains. Brass extruded and utilizing only the finest organic flours from America, Baia Pasta also collaborates with California farmers to grow unique durum and spelt wheat varieties and infused seasonal flavors. Their company mission to showcase that American wheat is among the best in the world and are proud to create the first pasta that glorifies all its features.



Quinn Popcorn | Just Sea Salt

Oakland, CA

Artisans: Kristy & Coulter Lewis

On a mission to clean up microwave popcorn into something anyone can feel good about sharing with friends and family, the Quinn Popcorn team has re-imagined every aspect of the popcorn experience. After removing chemical coatings and the susceptor from traditional bags they focused on the ingredients - utilizing only the freshest organic corn - the team is dedicated to never using GMOs, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. The cheeses are rBGH-free, the maple comes from Vermont, and the expeller pressed oils are high in omega-3’s. Plain and simple, their collective goal is to provide you wiht the best bag of microwave popcorn possible.



The Roasterie | bluestem Blend

Kansas City, KS

Artisan: Norman Kilman

With over 45 years of expertise, Norman Kilman knows his coffee. Alongside the team at Roasterie Coffee, they’re revolutionizing the bespoke beverage gam. The company is based on three core tenants: to find the best coffees in the world, to roast them the best way known to man, and get them to their customers as fast as humanly possible. While based in Kansas City, Roasterie Coffee travels to the ends of the earth to find the best coffee beans on the planet. Continually sourcing coffees for the discerning coffee connoisseur and air-roast them to the perfect temperature to unlock the most exquisite flavor profile each coffee has to offer. They will take hours, days, even months designing and perfecting a single blend.




Speckman Honey | Pure Natural Honey

Shawnee, KS

Artisans: John Speckman

Speckman Honey Farm is a family-owned and operated business based in Shawnee, Kansas and one of the most applauded local producers - providing chef-driven restaurants with top quality and organic syrup. With honeybee colonies in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri they’ve successfully cultivated over three-hundred colonies - all currently used for honey production. Separating them from other companies, Speckman raise a majority of their own queen bees for replacement within their colonies and produced from only their top yielding harvests.


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