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Guest Editor: Joanna Hawley


Meet our latest guest editor, Joanna Hawley. By day she is a designer at Serena & Lily, and by night she can be found blogging on Clementine Daily, Anthology Magazine, and her own blog, Jojotastic. Aside from curating the best of home decor and living essentials for her readers, Joanna is quite the foodie and sure knows her way around the kitchen.


It’s no secret that you love to cook. Where do you find inspiration for new recipes for your blog?

Most of my recipes fall into the "secret family recipe" category. Usually it's something that makes me feel nostalgic, like my grandmother's spanakopita, but I try to twist it in a modern way. In this instance, I converted the recipe to be in phyllo cups for more of an appetizer feel.


You recently relocated from the East to West Coast. Have you noticed any culinary differences between the two coasts?

San Francisco is a LOT healthier. I'm not sure I've eaten this much quinoa in my entire life. Plus, there is avocado on everything and I am not complaining about that one bit. The produce is also a lot fresher. I'm currently obsessed with how amazing the blackberries are here.


It's Happy Hour - what's your drink of choice?

Bourbon, all the way! I am definitely the girl who orders an old fashioned everywhere I go.


Do you have a favorite local artisanal treat?

Hmmm... honestly, it's really nice to be back in the land of artisanal coffee. When I lived in Seattle, I'd make the rounds with all of my favorite shops. Now that I'm back, it's easy to pop over to Blue Bottle or to Ritual for my morning pick-me-up.


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