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Chef Fabian Gallardo

Fabian Gallardo | Petty Cash Tacqueria

Chef Fabian Gallardo

Petty Cash Taqueria

Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Leon, Mexico as the son of a shoemaker Chef Gallardo has always been driven to a world of self-creation. After discovering his passion for the culinary world, he packed my bags and made the move to New York City where I enrolled at the prestigious French Culinary Institute in Manhattan. Working through the kitchens of L'Ecole and Daniel Boulud's classic Cafe Boulud, he honed his craft, sharpened his skills, and began his own eclectic catering business. Soon after, however, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself and he established himself as the Chef de Cuisine at the world-famous Vice Versa restaurant guided by Executive Chef Stefano Terzi.

"Working at the restaurant for 14 years is what solidified my personal beliefs about what food should represent, the flavors it should highlight, and the complete experience dining can offer a guest: transporting them somewhere unfamiliar and exciting. These beliefs are what has guided me ever since and culminated in my role at Petty Cash Taqueria in Los Angeles."

The FareTrade is honored to provide Chef Gallardo the platform to share his personal ideologies about food is through the tastes and dishes that are synonymous with life South Of The Border, amplified by technique and flavor-bursting small-batch products. We hope this month's culinary adventure provides you an eye-opening look at gastronomy in Mexico and one you can share with family and loved ones as you begin your 2015 off on a fiery and bright note.

Chef Gallardo Teaches You How To Make:

Seared Ahi Tuna | Mango Habanero Jam | Mixed Greens