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Matthew Gaudet

Matthew Gaudet


Food & Wine Magazine, "Best New Chef" 2013

Bon Appetit Magazine Top 50 Restaurants: 2013

Chef + Owner at West Bridge in Cambridge, MA.

Originally Featured May 2014

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I’m always inspired by the little things that make you think twice. It’s what fuels the cooking style at my restaurant West Bridge - taking something comforting + familiar and turning the dial up a few notches. Artisanal producers share much of that sentiment, combining unique flavors and quality ingredients to create boundary-pushing products. When I was approached by The FareTrade, I found the opportunity to provide their members a unique culinary experience something exciting - to curate a basket alongside their team means showcasing both my culinary identity and setting the stage for many of my favorite purveyors to gain increased recognition.

The products that I’ve chosen are bursting with flavor and will breathe life into the dishes I’ve created, as well as those you feature them in. With my approach to nouveau New England recipes at the forefront, you’ll be able to create meals that will astound your friends and family, ideal for the warming late spring evenings of May. I hope you enjoy making these plates for your loved ones as I had crafting them for The FareTrade’s band of “Epicurean Adventurers”.

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