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Brooke Williamson

Brooke Williamson


Top Chef: Seattle, Finalist

MTV "House Of Food" Mentor

Chef + Owner at The Tripel, The Hudson House, and Playa Provisions

Originally Featured March 2014


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As a self-taught chef, I'm thrilled to witness the growth in entrepreneurial food purveyors sprouting up acoss the country and the passion for crafting speciality products focused on organic and locally-sourced ingredients. At my restaurants, The Hudson House, The Tripel, and Playa Provisions we're dedicated to utilizing every product to its fullest ability - another aspect of the artisanal movement that I connect with. When the team at The FareTrade approached me as a potential collaborator I was excited to see what amazing things I could dish up for their members - spotlighting small-batch purveyors in lieu of what we would typically make in-house. I think you'll discover some satiating recipes that are easy to produce at home and sure to impress your family and friends.


The artisanal products featured in my basket are robust and brimming with flavor ideal for the summer months. The dishes I've created for you are refined but approachable - the kind of food you want to enjoy outside with loved ones with a great cocktail or glass of wine. It's my favorite season for food and I hope these will be recipes you'll continue to come back to, year after year.