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Wildcrafted Hickory Syrup

Wildcrafted Hickory Syrup


Falling Bark Farm

Crafted By: Travis + Joyce Miller

Winchester, VA

All-natural and made in small batches, this Falling Bark Farm wildcrafted hickory syrup is rich with a buttery and smoky caramel taste. Made by gathering fallen Shagbark Hickory bark that is cleaned, aged, and filtered - the resulting liquid is known by Native Americans for it's healing purposes and magnesium-rich properties.

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Hickory Syrup is ideal for griddlecakes or waffles for breakfast, but it is not limited to sweet treats. With its smoky and nutty flavor it lends itself well to grilling glazes for pork or duck; used in salad dressings with roasted vegetables; drizzled on butternut squash; or even paired with bourbon and orange for a twist on an Old Fashioned.


About Falling Bark Farm

What started out as a retirement project - selling 48 bottles of their Original Hickory Syrup at the local Farmers' Market - has blossomed into an opportunity to share the fruits of their passion for wildcrafting from the nature of Virginia with the rest of the world. From delicious syrup derived from the bark of local hickory trees to locally-sourced raw honey, Falling Bark Farms are providing the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. Using only Shagbark Hickory Trees, which shed naturally, the company ensures no trees are harmed during the production process.