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Outer Banks SeaSalt

Outer Banks SeaSalt


Outer Banks

Crafted By: Amy + John Gaw

Southern Shores, NC

100% all natural sea salt with no preservatives and no anti-caking agents make this one of the region's most desired chef treats! Hand-harvested from the Atlantic Ocean in small batches, Outer Banks Sea Salt is collected and packaged locally, using artisan and heritage practices. 

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This sea salt is coarse so it should be used sparingly as a finishing salt. It will brighten up the flavor of any dish from rich plates such a grilled steak or chocolate ice cream to light and refreshing fare like a market lettuce salad or sauteed fish. The salt adds a crunch that elevates every plate and will soon become your secret weapon in the kitchen.

About Outer Banks

Amy Huggins understands the important relationship between work and water. She moved to the Outer Banks in 1986 and in 2005 started Outer Banks Epicurean, a culinary business that offers cooking classes and chef services focused on local seafood. In 2009 she expanded her business to include sea salt and after gallons of water she mastered the art of production - one gallon of salt water produces just three and a half ounces of salt. Sold in speciality stores and used by many of the regions top chefs, Outer Banks Sea Salt has fast become a unique culinary staple that The FareTrade is excited to introduce you to