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Original BBQ Sauce

Original BBQ Sauce


Bubba Q's

Crafted By: Nico Rusconi

Los Angeles, CA

On the sweet, succulent side of extraordinary, Bubba Q's  has been dubbed the Spice of Life. This rich, smooth, tomato-based barbecue sauce has the traditional combination of sweet with a touch of heat which delivers smoothness with a surprising SMACK! 

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Hold on to memories of summer with this versatile sauce. We're enjoying adding a dash of Bubba Q's to the season's first braised short ribs and stews for a comforting dish. Our secret recipe, though? Make a simple glaze and baste roasted carrots or butternut squash for a sweet and tangy dish everyone will love.

About Bubba Q's

The mission of Bubba Q's is to achieve the highest levels of taste, satisfaction and value, all of which stands as the basis of their business, culture and way of thinking. A family of hospitality and services that strives for excellence and enhances lifestyles, Bubba Q's famous sauce is a celebration of flavor leaving it's mark all over the south and now the word has spread from coast to coast.