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Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey


Ballard Bee Honey Co.

Crafted By: Corky Lester

Ballard, WA

This wildflower honey is the mainstay of Ballard Bee Company's offerings. Varying in color from light gold to a rich dark amber the profile can shift from batch to batch and features a range of rich creamy flavors from dark cherry and spices to a bold jasmine.

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Given its ethereal properties, this honey is best used as a complement to other tastes where is wont be overwhelmed. We suggest pairing with an aged white cheddar and chevre on a cheese board; drizzled on waffles and biscuits; whisked into a herb-loaded dressing; or used with lemon and rosemary for a glaze ideal for roast chicken.

About Ballard Bee

The Ballard Bee Company was originally conceived as a mission-based business. It's what founder and owner Corky Luster calls an "urban pollination company". While honey was never the original focus of the company, it remains an integral part of it. The retail sales of honey supports the program of acquiring more hives and expanding the apiart into other parts of the Seattle area. The hives in host's yards also serve as an educational and outreach tool to get people involved in a larger food system. Working together with neighbors and their backyards, the Ballard Bee Company produces a truly provincial food.