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Toasted Stone Cut Oats

Toasted Stone Cut Oats


Anson Mills

Crafted By: Glenn Roberts

Columbia, SC

Fresh and loaded with natural oils, Anson Mills new crop oats are so moist they must first be toasted in order to be hulled. Besides reducing cooking time, toasting produces a burst of spicy caramel alongside a light, clean backdrop of fresh oat flavor. Anson Mills’ hand-milled whole organic oats are stone cut on the bias to retain something of their original coarse kernel texture and a ton of whole germ flavor. 

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Perfect for cookies, in breakfast preparations, or mixed with fresh berries and herbs, they’re a great alternative to other grains and starches melding well with seafood, red meats, and game.

About Anson Mills

Conceived over a bowl of bad grits in a historic home in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and named after a Lord who acquired abundant nearby farmland, Anson Mills has been producing a full complement of heirloom grains adopted by Antebellum rice families since the mid 1990's. Fueled by a passion to recreate ingredients of the Antebellum time period - those that helped to create America's first cuisine - the team at Anson Mills not only grows sustainable crops by also creates period-authentic recipes, catalogues the history and virtues of the ingredients and dishes alike and has expanded their production to include not only native grains but also Japanese buckwheat, French oats, Mediterranean wheat, and Italian farro.