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Falls Mill | White Corn Grits

Falls Mill

White Corn Grits

Crafted By: Jane + John Lovett

Belvidere, TN

Falls Mill mills locally grown whole white corn. The corn is dried to a 14% moisture content, before each kernel is cleaned with forced air and run through the mill stone until the reach a certain texture. Grittier than most traditional options, these grits are prized by chefs across the nation due to their texture, nutrients, and flavor - byproducts of the sustainable practices Falls Mill stands by. 

While perfect for classic dishes such as Shrimp and Grits or Baked Cheese Grits we also love this ingredient formed into cakes and used in lieu of english muffins for an Eggs Benedict, in a Tex-Mex inspired Green Chile Casserole, or in Buttermilk + Grits Waffles.

About Falls Mill

Nestled in a lush green cove along the banks of beautiful Factory Creek stands historic Falls Mill listed today on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1873 as a cotton and woolen factory, the mill was later converted for use as a wood working shop and the waterwheel currently powers millstones that produce stone ground flour, cornmeal, and grits. Utilizing a 32-foot waterwheel installed in 1906 produces 20-30,000 pounds of grits monthly and have been heralded by local chefs and food lovers for thier commitment to using the same water-whell powered technology used over one hundred years ago. John has become such an expert that he now travels around the country as a milling consultant and is a board member of the Society for the Protection of Old Mills.