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BLT | Tomato Jam + Bacon Mayonnaise

We are excited to announce a new series from The Fare Trade: "Tricks From The Trade".  We will be bringing you easy to reproduce recipes utilizing the products from the current month's basket to help you get even more out of each month's products.

For our inaugural post, we are bringing our twist on a BLT.  Utilizing Nonna's Smoky Tomato Sauce from City Saucery to make a sweet and savory Tomato Jam + Bacon Spread from Skillet Street Food to create a super simple Bacon Mayonnaise, you will be able to take your sandwich skill to the next level.

Enjoy this BLT all summer long.  Check out all of the delicious products + recipe tutorials from Chef Brooke Williamson in our June Basket and get cooking!



2 Thick Slices - Country Loaf (or your bread of choice)

6 Slices Premium Thick-Cut Bacon (we used Nueske's Smoked Bacon)

1/4 Cup - Nonna's Smoky Tomato Sauce

1/4 Cup Fine Granulated Sugar

2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise

1 Tablespoon Bacon Spread

4-6 Leaves Butter Lettuce


Pre-Heat oven to 350 degree.


For The Tomato Jam:

1) Combine Nonna's Smoky Tomato Sauce and the sugar into a medium sauce pan.

2) Bring mixture to boil. Stir occasionally to avoid mixture from burning or sticking to pot.

3) Once boiling, reduce to simmer.  Continue cooking + stirring until mixture reaches a jam-like consistency.  30-45 minutes.

4) Remove from heat + set aside.

For The Bacon:

1) While your tomato jam is simmering, layer your bacon on a baking sheet.

(Optional: if you have a grate that will fit your baking sheet, layer bacon on grate and place on baking tray)

2) Place bacon-lined tray in the pre-heated oven.

3) Allow to cook until bacon appears "foamy", being careful not to burn.  Approximately 20-30 minutes.

4) Remove bacon from tray and place on paper towels to dry.  If you used a grate, leave bacon on grate to dry.

Note:  Cooking bacon in the oven provides an unparalleled consistent texture for your mouth-watering bacon versus cooking in a pan.  Utilizing a grate on top of your baking sheet removes the bacon from cooking in it's grease, resulting in unmatched crispy goodness.

For The Bacon Mayonnaise:

1) Combine mayonnaise and bacon spread in a small mixing bowl.

2) Mix together until well incorporated.

The Bread | Optional:

Grill one side of each slice of bread util crispy and grill marks appear.

To Finish:

1) Spread bacon mayonnaise on one slice of bread + tomato jam on the other slice of bread. (If you grilled your bread, apply sauces to the grilled side of the bread.

2) Layer bacon slices on top of your bacon mayonnaise.

3) Layer butter lettuces on top of bacon.

4) Close the sandwich and slice at a an angle.

5) Relish in the glory of your scrumptious sandwich.

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