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Som-Thing Special

PokPok Som | Sunday Supper Cocktail

This week's Sunday Supper is more of a Sunday Fun-day!  Utilizing PokPok Som's Apple Drinking Vinegar, we have concocted a cocktail that is perfect for these cool, early spring days.

This drink pairs perfectly with one of our previous Tricks From The Trade - Sous Vide Oxtail | Grits | Spigarello


2 Oz, PokPok Som Apple Drinking Vinegar

3 Oz, Brandy

1.5 Tablespoons, Lemon Juice

1 Oz, Bourbon

.5 Oz, Gran Vino Sanson (Fig Liqueur)

Sprig of Thyme, To Garnish




Add all ingredients - except the thyme - into a cocktail mixer.

Stir until all ingredients are well combined.

Strain out the ice into 2 coupe glasses.

Garnish with thyme sprig.


Happy Drinking!