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Rick's Picks | Phat Beets

Rick's Picks | Phat Beets

Rick's Picks

Phat Beets

Crafted By: Rick Field

New York, NY

Aromatic spices and ingredients such as rosemary, ginger, and lemon accent the sweet-tart flavor of these fresh pickled beet slices. An excellent source of fiber, iron, and vitamin B each batch of Phat Beets are handcrafted utilizing only organic beets sourced from local farms. 

Pungent and flavorful, these pickled beets are great in a variety of preparations. We suggest fine chopping them and mixing with goats cheese atop crostini; blended with hummus for a bracing and tart spread; or served alongside sardines and other oily fish in a warm potato salad


Rick's Picks

Founder and CEO Rick Field grew up making traditional pickles with his family in Vermont, and after a career in TV production decided to make his passion for pickling into a business. His pickles are distinguishes by their exceptional quality, with an unusual array of vegetables and flavor profiles. Currently offering fourteen varieties of shelf-stable pickles. The pickles are all hand-packed and all-natural, and made in season with produce from local farmers.

Three attributes separate Rick's Picks from their competition: a distinctive product, industry experience, and a dedication to the health, wellness, and local sourcing that result in a clean, high-quality, and distinct produce. Focused on illustrating the "heritage place" of pickles across the globe - the fact that every culture has a component of pickling in it - allowing the company to connect with people everywhere and conitnue to strive to create pickles that are adventurous, unique, and delectable. 

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