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PokPok Som | Apple Drinking Vinegar

PokPok Som | Apple Drinking Vinegar

PokPok Som

Apple Drinking Vinegar

Crafted By: Chef Andy Ricker

Portland, OR

Bright and tart, this flavored PokPok Som is made with locally sourced Granny Smith apples and has high acidity, a dry finish, and honey notes. Dilute 1 part Apple Som to 4 parts soda water to make an all-natural soda or use creatively in cocktails and food preparation. PokPok Som especially complements liquors such a brandy, whiskey, and gin providing a complex balance similar to bitters. We also love it in salad dressings, in marinade for grilled dishes, and to boost the flavors of regional southeast Asian cuisine that Chef Ricker is known for producing.


PokPok Som

Crafted by a James Beard Foundation award-winning chef, PokPok Som was formed as an offshoot of Pok Pok restaurant due to the enthusiastic response from customer to their housemade drinking vinegars. Since launching in winter 2010, Som has created a line of full-strength drinking vinegars handcrafted in Portland using only natural flavors from fruits in season, organic cane sugar, and high quality natural vinegars. 

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