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Smoked Orange Cocktail Bitters

Smoked Orange Cocktail Bitters


Smoked Orange Cocktail Bitters

Crafted By: Raymond Snead

Denver, CO

Smoked Orange is the new black! Cocktail Punk cold smokes orange zest with alderwood, and the result is smoky but not overly intense; a finishing touch of mint adds depth of flavor. This is the bitter that you'll find yourself using again and again throughout summer.

Built for and absolutely killer in tequila and mezcal drinks like a Paloma or Mexican Firing Squad, these Smoked Orange bitters are also unexpected and wonderful in combination with darker spirits like rum and whiskey where it brightens up the flavors of an Old Fashion or adds some zip to an Island Punch.

About Cocktailpunk

Bitters are as old as cocktails, but Cocktailpunk looks to the future, not the past. Our goal is simple: to create compelling accents for the modern cocktail. Cocktailpunk cocktail bitters are a carefully chosen set of basic elements that are focused and nuanced, simple yet devious. They are perfect in classic cocktails, but were really designed for the cocktails that haven't been invented yet.