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Pacific Heights Blend

Spice Ace | Pacific Heights Blend

Spice Ace

Pacific Heights Blend

Crafted By: Olivia Dillan & Ben Balzer

San Francisco, CA

This delicious spice blend has citrus and ginger notes resulting in a mixture that is reminiscent of California's diverse culinary landscape and chef Accarrino's cuisine. The blend is one of many that Spice Ace has created in-house with the intention of inspiring confident cooking and the urge to experiment in the kitchen.

Consisting of unique flavors such as kaffir lime, aji amarillo chilies, and palm sugar the spices shine in a multitude of Asian and Latin-inspired dishes. We're huge fans of adding the Pacific Heights blend to  grilled fish and vegetables; incorporating the mixture into rubs and marinades for pork and poultry; or creating an ever versatile compound butter that can be used in sweet and savory dishes alike.


Discover Spice Ace's Pacific Heights Blend in The Box From Chef Matthew Accarrino