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Crunch Dynasty

Crunch Dynasty

Crunch Dynasty

Crafted By: John + Anya Mills

Richmond, VA

Send your senses on a magical journey by topping your favorite foods with this handcrafted spicy delicacy. A generations old recipe - it's exotic, intoxicating, and delicious. Vegan and gluten-free each package of Crunch Dynasty is hand-crafted to ensure the right flavor and heat.

Made with a variety of chili peppers, soy sauce, fried garlic, fried shallots, canola oil, sesame seeds, ginger powder and salt this topping is the ultimate addition to your favorite foods and down right addictive on it's own. Add to the top of a Mac & Cheese to give a slightly Asian tinge; sprinkle on top of a Pork Belly Bahn Mi for a sandwich you'll never forget; or even garnish a Chocolate Caramel Bar with Crunch Dynasty and get a sweet savory combination you've only dreamed of.

About Crunch Dynasty

Developed after John dined with Anya's family in New York City and discovered their authentic Chinese cooking, Crunch Dynasty is a crunchy, spicy topping concocted with a blend of unique exotic Asian flavors and balanced heat. For years, John attempted to recreate the recipe but was unsuccessful until his mother-in-law taught him how to make it a decade later. In 2010 they started making large batches and sharing it with friends and family. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so in 2012 they took it to market.

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