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Butchertonic Tonic

Butchertown Tonic

Butchertown Soda Co.

Tonic Water

Crafted By: Joe + Lesley Heron

Louisville, KY

With a focus on crafting small-batch sodas that reflect the vitality + authenticity of the namesake neighborhood of their home-town, Butchertown Sodas use all natural ingredients to produce this clean + natural tonic that is deliciously refreshing with a crisp, natural bitterness reminiscent of fresh citrus.

This blend of superior natural ingredients is perfect sipped on its own on a warm afternoon + even better with added to a little bourbon, whiskey or a classic gin + tonic. Not only great in cocktails, Butchertown's Sodas tonic is great to enhance a tempura batter or mix with citrus to create a unique granita!


Featured in Our October Basket