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elizabeth We met up with dynamic duo, Preston and Elizabeth Olson! Last year, their wedding was an Instagram hit and Elizabeth is currently creative director of San Francisco’s AFAR magazine. True foodies, Preston and Elizabeth love a good cheeseburger and enjoy discovering new and unique eateries in their city.


What was the first meal you shared?

Elizabeth: We ate cheeseburgers at the Half King, this bar near my old apartment in New York (It was close to midnight and there wasn’t much else to choose from!).

Preston: I lived in LA and she was in New York at the time. We were meeting up when I was in town. To take the pressure off, I added that I was coming to see friends as well. We were already into each other, but when we met in person and ate cheeseburgers, we spent the rest of the weekend together and now forever.


Who cooks and who cleans?

Elizabeth: I'm the one that cooks and Preston will usually offer to clean but it goes faster with 2 people so we do it together a lot of the time!

Preston: She cooks, but I will buy foods and snacks that she loves to surprise her. BUT for our little Oscar party, I did make a small town Minnesota recipe, where I'm from, called Tatertot Hotdish that was preeeettyy good, I must say.


Favorite dish the other makes?

Preston: Elizabeth makes an amazing Chicken Khao Soi, but she makes many great things including whipped dishes on the fly with whatever we have in the fridge that is always great.


Local artisanal treat of choice?

Elizabeth: The cinnamon walnut currant loaf at ACME bakery in Berkeley, its just a few streets away from our house.

Preston: Had some great Sriracha cashews recently.


Favorite foodie destination:

Elizabeth: Statebird Provisions in SF for savory pancakes, Bartavelle in Berkeley for avocado toast + a 6 minute egg w/ anchovy, Hog Island Oyster Farm for oysters, and Russ + Daughters bagels for bodega egg sammies in New York.

Preston: Animal in LA is definitely up there. We both love Statebird here in SF, they are truly innovative. Battersby in Brooklyn.


Create recipes with an item from the box. Check out the ingredients and each choose one and tell us what you would make!

Elizabeth: There is a white bean soup in the Alice Waters cookbook that I love so I could do that OR make some kind of dessert crostini invention with The Jam Stand’s Drunken Monkey Jam.


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