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Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary Mix


Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix

Crafted By: Austin Green + Greg White

Richmond, VA

Vegan, all-natural, and with no preservatives Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix is the ultimate blend for one of our favorite cocktails. Made in partnership with our featured chef, Jason Alley, this is one cocktail mix that will knock your socks off.

Featured In The Box from Chef Jason Alley

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Made with a blend of tomato water, pickle brine, olive juice, horseradish, lime juice, sriracha, and other spices its a robust flavor that is a great kick to your favorite spicy dishes, or used as a hot sauce itself. Try adding to a marinade for slow cooked BBQ brisket; add a few dashes to elevate a Blue Cheese Salad Dressing for an inspired Wedge; or create a twist on tapas by covering baked goat cheese with the mix + devouring with toast points.

About Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix

College pals and Bloody Mary connoisseurs, the duo found themselves tired of the same old bloody mary mix floating around their town. With all the amazing food coming out of the River City, why should anyone settle for a mediocre bloody? The mix they've created is complex in flavor but easy to drink. There's no need to doctor it up. Just sip and enjoy!