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Sweet Molasses Pickle Chips

Sweet Molasses Pickle Chips


The Real Dill

Crafted By: Justin & Tyler

Denver, CO

With Molasses as the primary sweetener, these are not your run of the mill Bread & Butter pickles. The smooth molasses flavor makes these uniquely, but not completely, sweet. 100% all-natural and made with only fresh cucumbers, vinegar, water, molasses, pure cane sugar, fresh onion, salt and spices from local Denver producer Savory Spice Shop these pickles are a crunchy treat sure to delight your taste buds. 

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With a subtle richness not often found in pickles, these Sweet Molasses Chips are perfect for topping a Cuban or Reuben sandwich; diced fine and whisked together for a remoulade or tartar that would take fish and chips or crab cakes to the next level; or using the liquid to brine chicken or pork and imbue deep flavor.

About The Real Dill

Tyler + Justin had been making pickles on their own as a hobby. Good friends, the would share recipes and the final results with each other, comparing notes. They eventually set off on making a batch together with ingredients fresh from Tyler's garden - the result was a "pickle epiphany". The pickles were so unique, crunchy and flavorful that the duo decided they had to do something with their creation. The next two years were spent developing new recipes and drawing inspiration from unique ingredients not normally associated with pickles. After making a batch for all the guests at Justin's wedding the requests started pouring in. The Real Dill officially launched in 2012 and to this day, the company still follow the same recipes created in their home kitchen, using all-natural ingredients and home canning techniques.