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Indian Curry Chili Paste

Indian Curry Chili Paste



Crafted By: Richard Lassalle

Los Angeles, CA

Inspired by ancient recipes from the far east, this spicy paste is going to become your go-to for quintessential curry flavor. The subtle complexity of flavors, including turmeric, fennel, fenugreek, coriander and more will ignite your palate and place you on the road to culinary excellence. 

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Discover Entube In Our "Ultimate Artisan Thanksgiving" Box

Our band of culinary adventurers can't get enough of this stuff! We're loving rubbing down a roast chicken for a rich satisfying flavor; adding it to a vinaigrette for grilled carrots and other root vegetables; or infusing the paste into meatloaf for an earthy dish ideal for the coming cold.

About Entube

The mission at Entube is to reinvent age-old ethnic flavors from around the world and create exciting modern flavor bombs for the global kitchen. Designed to trigger a culinary journey, Entube seeks to empower anyone to become a chef. Launched by Richard Lassalle, a former advertising bigwig, Entube is a return to his first love - food.