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Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt


Hepp's Salt Co.

Crafted By: Brian Hepp

Venice, CA

After years of making his own blends of sea salts with spices and herbs, HEPPS' founder Brian was determined to share his passion with food lovers across the country. This ingredient is one of his original creations. A natural blend between sea salt and locally sourced, fresh cut rosemary, the aroma alone will whisk you away to the Mediterranean! 

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This cooking and finishing salt is perfect for an herb-scented delight. We love rubbing the skin of a Chicken for a impeccably crispy roasted bird; adding to a marinade for Grilled Leg of Lamb; dusting Roasted Nuts for a great bar snack; or to top a homemade Pretzel with Welsh Rarebit.

About Hepp's Salt Co.

Launched in 2011, HEPP'S Salt Co. was born in the form of a revolutionary salt bar at local farmers' markets around the Los Angeles area with a vision to reinvent the way people think about salt. Each Salt has a flavor profile of suggested uses and the region of which it comes from. For HEPP's it's not just about selling good quality sea salt to people, but also about bringing the ability of gourmet cooking into everyone's home and educating them on the myriad applications of these salts.