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Pearled Sorghum

Pearled Sorghum



Crafted By: Patricia Alemdar

Miami, Fl

Pearled Sorghum is a versatile, mild-tasting grain, reminiscent of Israeli couscous. An ancient grain that is naturally gluten-free and full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Being based in California, our favorite things about sorghum is that it's exceptionally drought resistant and can easily be grown across the country!

Featured in The Box from Chef Phillip & Caleb

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Used in a multitude of countries, this grain works well in a vast number of cuisines and preparations. Our band of culinary adventurers love it in a Caribbean-inspired coconut curry full of seasonal veggies and oxtail; in the Italian staple wedding soup; or even in Southern-inspired biscuits with butter and fresh jam!

About Wondergrain

The mission of Wondergrain is to educate the public on the health benefits and versatility of sorghum - an ancient grain healthy and versatile with no GMO's and gluten-free.  The company's hope is to bring variety as well as innovation to the homes and restaurants across America through packaging the grain as a consumer friendly product, made with a premium, softer bite and fast cooking time. Despite being used by civilizations for generations, it is only now gaining popularity thanks to it's versatile nature and healthy association.