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Dark Peanut Flour

Dark Peanut Flour


Byrd Mill

Crafted By: Patrick Henry

Ashland, VA

This gourmet peanut flour is darkest in roast, aroma, and in flavor of all of Byrd Mills offerings. It is an excellent health source containing over 50% protein and gluten-free. A great thickener for soups, and aromatic ingredient in pastries and breads, this is one versatile pantry addition!

Featured In The Box from Chef Jason Alley


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While this all-natural product is designed to be paired with cocoa, chocolate and other strong flavors we find it's strong roasted flavor perfectly suited to savory preparations as well as sweet. Dust chicken or tofu in the flour before making an intensely flavored Pad Thai; thicken up an Asian saute with spring vegetables like asparagus, morel mushrooms, and peas; or use in lieu of traditional flour for a Carrot Cake you won't believe!

About Byrd Mill

Byrd Mill has been in continuous operation for over 200 years, but pivoted to it's current business model in the late 1970's when giant companies were monopolizing the milling business. In order to survive, Byrd Mill halted production on flour, meal, and feed for central Virginia and instead focused on mixes and products sold by restaurants and grocery chains. By developing custom products and batter mixes for local favorites, Byrd Mill thrived. Recently the company has added additional flavorings, extracts, spices, and snack foods to offer a true taste of southern cuisine.