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Peach Mostarda

Peach Mostarda


OO Mommie

Crafted By: Amy Hoyt

Denver, CO

A combination of rich Palisades Peach puree with an herbal-infused syrup and a blend of freshly ground hot and mild mustard powders and whole-grain mustard make this sweet and savory condiment a pantry essential for summer that you probably didn't know you needed.

Featured In The Box from Chef Jennifer Jasinski

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The perfect combination of flavors for all of your grilling menus it takes bratwurst and other sausages to new heights, makes pork chops a star and even work on a goat-cheese topped burger. And because of it's unique and complex flavor it is a great counterpoint to a cheese and salumi board or served with roasted and crisp duck breast with grilled peaches.

About OO Mommie

The creators of OO MOMMIE were inspired by a passion for canning that started at their bakery 20 years ago. Long before it was popular, the chefs were adamant about using only the best possible ingredients in their jams and relishes - a practice that continues today! Sourcing only the best, garden-fresh ingredients for all of their delicious condiments, OO MOMMIE buys in-season and locally-grown produce for all of their seasonal small batch offerings. Cooking low and slow they concentrate the flavors that result in addictive condiments that brighten up food and excite the palate.