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Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam


Katchkie Farm

Craftsman: Bob

Kinderhood, NY

Sweet, spreadable, and deliciously versatile, Katchkie Farms' Tomato Jam is the perfect addition to most every meal! Start the day out fresh by mixing the jam with avocado and cream cheese for an healthful snack; utilize in lieu of traditional tomatoes on a elevated BLT; or stir into a chickpea and kale stew for an unmatched Meatless Monday.

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Made with only organic tomatoes, sugar, onion, cider vinegar, salt and a variety of spices such as garlic, ginger, clove, allspice, and cayenne this tomato jam is in-line with the farms precedent-setting 100 Mile Menu, for which all principal ingredients are sourced from within a 100-mile radius of New York City.

About Katchkie Farm

Bob was a self-proclaimed "health-food junkie," religiously juicing carrots each morning when he stumbled upon the irony: he didn't know where the carrots came from. When he first saw the overgrown tangle that was to become Katchkie Farm, he felt as if it were waiting for his touch. Four years later, Bob has transformed the place into a certified organic spread of vegetables and greenhouses rimmed by woodland preserve. 

Today, Katchkie Farm is a year-round organic farm dedicated to building connections between consumers, food professionals & families through healthy delicious food. Katchkie prides itself in holisitic stewardship of the land and its bounty. The farm's partnership with the Sylvia Center enhances it's educational mission - hosting children for hands-on-farm to table culinary experiences and providing produce for their cooking programs in New York City.