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Brown Jasmine Cracked Rice

Brown Jasmine Cracked Rice


Cajun Grain

Crafted By: Kurt + Karen Ungel

Kinder, LA

"Cracked Rice" is a term uniquely used first by Cajun Grain to describe their rice grits made from the brown jasmine varietal they grow and maintain. This gluten free product provides a healthy alternative that maintains its southern heritage.

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Even though Cajun Grain is only about ten years old, it represents a shift in the Ungel's thirty year rice farming history. With Kurt's degree in agriculture and Karen's in nursing their plans converged on a new farm plan based on knowing how food and nutrition influence health and healthy eating. With the goal of growing healthier foods the team at Cajun Grain were presented a new learning curve determining the prime factor in quality food to be the soil. With nurtured soil it creates a hierarchy of life - each level having a role in supplying the plant with the tools to produce food. What separates Cajun Grain from other companies is their dedication to overseeing thier products from planting to packaging guaranteeing they remain gluten-free. Grown without conventional fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and milled close to the ship date, each batch of product from Cajun Grain is the freshest it can be - even provided music from the 60's and 70's to ensure the plants phyisical and emotional environment is nourishing!

About Cajun Grain

Grown under organic standards, this product is ideal for jambalaya, topped with a smoky tomato compote, infused with kimchi and served with Pork Belly, or for a traditional congee.