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Ayocote Blanco

Ayocote Blanco


Rancho Gordo

Crafted By: Steve Sando

Napa, CA

Fueled by a passion for discovering new ingredients and re-introducing them to the food community, Rancho Gordo is continually seeking rare beans and creating a substantial seed bank ensuring they are never lost again. 

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The Ayocote Blanco Beans are perfectly approachable and versatile with a rich potato flavor and creamy texture. The legumes can be used in almost any European dish such as chorizo and clams, cassoulet, or pasta fazool as well as Spanish flavors including chilaquiles or in an ancho chile sauce.

About Rancho Gordo

One of the greatest aspects behind Rancho Gordo are the versatility of their products - the beans work in almost every cuisine, are full-flavored, and loaded with nutrients. While many are rooted in Central and South America their identity can be found in dishes throughout Europe and Asia. The FareTrade is excited to be working with Rncho Gordo to provide our members a bounty of accessible recipes, flavors, and to supprt a progressive purveyor helping to further their community agriculture.