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Damsun Plum Jam

Damsun Plum Jam


Ayako & Family

Crafted By: Ayako Gordon

The Damson Plum is small and pear-shaped with distinct notes of violet and bright acidity. This jam has a rich lingering finish of floral vanilla balanced with tart undertones of red currant, giving it great structure and vibrancy. It's going to fast become a kitchen go-to!

Featured In The Box From Chef Josh Henderson

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While you could easily use the entire jar by slathering the spread on your favorite bread (toasty brioche for us!) it's killer in a multitude of savory and sweet dishes to impress your friends and family. This jam is a perfect addition to an Asian-tinged glaze for grilled ribs or chicken; added to summer fresh popsicles; or even in homemade pop-tarts!

About Ayako & Family

A product born from a rich foundation of sharing food with community, Ayako & Family aims to brighten your pantry with a small jar of love. A Tokyo native and now long-time Seattle resident, Ayako cherishes the time spent around the dinner table. In the summer of 2010, she founded her company, partnering with Japanese organic farmer Katsumi Taki to bring the rarest of European and Asiatic plum varieties to the pantries of preserves lovers around the globe. Hand selecting her fruit in small batches, the nuances of each flavor become clear, changing the perception of the plum and leading inspiring food sharing of your own.