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Tricks From The Trade | Texas Paloma

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Just in time for the weekend, Tricks From The Trade is bringing you our Texas Paloma.  Originating from Spain, the Paloma is traditionally crafted with tequila, a splash of grapefruit juice or soda (such as Jarritos) and a lime wedge.

We decided to twist it up a bit with the addition of Liber & Co's Texas Grapefruit Shrub, Mezcal, Aperol + a Pink Lemon Wheel instead of lime.  Whip up a couple of these for you and your friends and you'll be set to soak up the summer rays.


Texas Paloma



2oz Mezcal (we suggest Mezcal El Silencio)

1oz Liber & Co. Texas Grapefruit Shrub

1oz Aperol

1 slice Pink Lemon (or citrus of choice)







Combine all liquids and ice in a glass.


Top with Pink Lemon wheel + salt.




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