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Meet A Local Monday: Shiho Yoshikawa

We are back at it this week with our series, 'Meet A Local Monday.' This week we meet with Shiho Yoshikawa, Executive Chef of small-batch artisanal, farm fresh ice cream shop, Sweet Rose Creamery in Los Angeles. Now with three locations (Brentwood, Mid City, and Santa Monica) the shop churns out unorthodox flavors such as Minty Peas, Lavender Honey and Rooibos Chai soft-serve. Shiho was gracious enough to take the time and give us some background on the shop, her favorite ingrients and local foodie spots:

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Sweet Rose Creamery?

I make all sorts of ice cream and sorbet flavors and frozen novelties featuring fruits, herbs, and veggies from the farmers markets. Last summer, we moved the kitchen from Brentwood to Santa Monica where we have a small grab and go, and last month, we opened a third cafe location in mid-city. The expansion took me away from the kitchen for a bit as I’ve been working on the business side of things like planning the expansion,

setting up stores, streamlining, etc., with my great team. Now I am trying to get back in the kitchen and come up with some more fun treats!

Why Ice Cream?

What's not to like about ice cream? I love the dynamics of how simple but complex it can be and most importantly how nourishing it can be for the soul.

Which Sweet Rose Creamery flavor wins you over every time?

Can’t go wrong with vanilla because I am happy to have it, as is, or dressed up with gooey fudge, crispy toasted almonds or mushed up strawberries- whatever I am in the mood for. Besides vanilla, I always have a favorite for each month - this month it’s grapefruit soft-serve or minty pea ice cream.

What's Your Go-To Recipe?

Judging from our customers’ faves, I would have to say either salted caramel or fresh mint chip.

Favorite LA foodie spot?

Lately it’s all about Korean noodles and dumplings for me. I love Myung Dong Kyoja,  Naegohyang,  Yu Chun Chic & Myung In Dumplings.

Which Featured March Ingredient would you be most intrigued to try?

I love spicy food so it’s gotta be Willy B's Dehydrated Hot Sauce!

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