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All is Fare in Love & Food: Jeff + Kelly

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Meet Jeff + Kelly. A match made in DIY / foodie/ photography heaven. Jeff, a photographer and general guy about town and Kelly a mini-mogul in the making with her website Studio DIY have been making us jealous via stunningly beautiful instagram photos for a while now. We sat down with the LA based (and recently engaged) lovebirds themselves to talk about a very important topic, their love for each other and their love of food.


What was the first meal you shared?

We're both from New Jersey so naturally our first meal together was at a roadside diner at 2am. Our waiter brought over (recently defrosted!) mozzarella sticks paired with a bowl of luke-warm marinara sauce. We've been inseparable ever since.


Who cooks and who cleans?

She cooks. He cleans. We're like a match made in heaven. Fav dish the other makes?

Jeff: Kelly makes the most unbelievable tofu and sweet potato hash. I usually top it with either an agave nectar or hot sauce, depending on what kind of flavors I'm looking for. We aren't vegetarians, but we rarely have meat in the house. Kelly: Jeff doesn't cook much. And he never bakes. But last year for my birthday he made a delicious hummingbird cake from scratch. I'd like to see that in rotation more often! Cake for dinner! Local Artisanal treat of choice? Jeff: When it comes to treats, we're both donut people. Kelly's all about the blueberry earl grey at Fonuts on 3rd, while I can't get enough of the The Donut Snob's wonderfulness called 'Campfire'. Favorite foodie destination

Kelly: Locally, we really love Red Hill in Echo Park. (The burrata and roasted pluot plate they served last summer was our favorite!). Outside of LA, we get to Palm Springs fairly often and love Workshop Kitchen + Bar out there. Dueling recipes with an item from the box. Check out the ingredients and each choose one and tell us what you would make!

Jeff: The dehydrated hot sauce has my name all over it! I generally don't start with a plan for a meal and end up pulling random things together as I go. With this ingredient, I can mix it into a guacamole and add some lemon juice and garlic salt to top a chicken breast.

Kelly: I'm a pretty big fan of breakfast. I plan on snagging that hibiscus syrup to fancy up some homemade waffles! Studio DIT / @StudioDIY on Twitter/Instagram


Jeff Mindell / @JeffMindell on Twitter/Instagram



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