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Jane + John Lovett

Jane + John Lovett

Jane + John Lovett

Falls Mill was built in 1873 as a cotton and woolen factory, it is now an operating water-powered grain mill and museum.  

John and Jane Lovett purchased the mill in 1984. 


Give us some backstory on Falls Mill

We  produce whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and grits on two sets of millstones powered by a 32-foot, 109 year old waterwheel.   The white and yellow corn is raised within 5 miles of the mill in the fertile farmlands of beautiful Belvidere, TN.   The soft red wheat comes from a teacher in Chattanooga who raises the crop on his family farm in Georgia.


Tell us about your products

We clean the grains here and mill them fresh each week.  We ship our products to individuals and restaurants across the country.  The most popular product is our stone-ground white corn grits.  

We have a group for friends who get together on Wednesdays for a pot luck breakfast.  It is required that we bring cheese grits each week.


What did you have for dinner last night?

We bake with the products almost every day.  Last night we had whole wheat pancakes from freshly milled flour.  Also sausage from our neighbors hog farm and fresh maple syrup tapped and cooked by members of the local Mennonite church.  Even the eggs were local.  Nothing beats fresh ingredients.


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