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Woodson's Mill All Natural Grits

Woodson's Mill All Natural Grits

Woodon's Mill

All Natural Grits

Crafted By: Will Brockenbrough

Nelson County, VA

Tasty and healthful, Woodson’s Mill Grits are made from coarsely ground white corn, with a touch of bran.  Using only locally-grown, non-GMO corn to make the most authentic stone-ground grits you will ever try, this all-natural ingredient is loved by the region's top chefs.  

A Southern favorite dish throughout the day, we're finding the course natural a great textural add to some of our favorite recipes. For breakfast top simply with eggs and or sausage and garnish with a bright romesco; for lunch they're ideal whipped into a Gruyere and Caramelized Onion Souffle; and for dinner try crafting them into cheese grits bars in lieu of traditional bread service.


Get To Know Woodson's Mill

Woodson's Mill has been owned and loved by a small handful of families since its construction in 1794, when Guiliford Campbell built the originial four-story, 32-foot square building. In the 1840's two additional mill stones were added and in the early 1900's Woodson's Mill was expanded into a thriving enterprise that included an icehouse, sawmill, and foundry but was cut short in 1963 when the mill was temporarily closed. In the 1980's the mill was restored and revitalized and has quick been adopted by the region's chefs as one of the best mills in the country.

Find Woodson's Mill In The Box from Chef Jason Alley