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Rosemary Caramel

CC MADE | Rosemary Caramel


Rosemary Caramel

Crafted By: Cassandra Chen

Berkeley, CA

One of CC MADE's newest concoctions, this Rosemary Caramel will soon be your favorite dessert topper. Made with no preservatives and only natural ingredients including cream, sugar, sea salt and local rosemary this sauce is the perfect sweet treat. 

We're loving it added to lattes and other coffee drinks for a sugary and earthy kick; mixed into a bread pudding with dried fruits and nuts; used instead of maple syrup on pancakes; or even used sparingly as a glaze for pork chops. We won't tell when you find yourself spooning it out late at night.


Get To Know CC MADE

Before launching CC MADE Cassandra was a currency trader on the foreign exchange trading floor. Quickly realizing that she wasn't destined for a life in fianance, she soon found herself working in kitchens across the Bay Area. After marrying and having children Cassandra alongside her husband, Miguel, launched CC MADE building off her years in pastry kitchens. While she sought to provide the market with a flavorful and quality caramel her line has expanded since launch to include popcorns and sauces.

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