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Guest Editor: Julie Lee


Meet our latest guest editor Julie Lee, photographer, food artist, and editor living in Los Angeles, CA.



Tell us about your blog and your artwork!


I’m a curious person by nature and I’m always trying to challenge myself. I love to learn, travel, cook new dishes, find new produce and Julie’s Kitchen (my lifestyle blog) has been a platform to document and share it. The Julie's Kitchen food

collages started out as a way to share local and seasonal produce and has evolved into the study of intricate shapes, vibrant colors, and patterns in nature. I'm always looking for that surprising element which can transform something from mundane to beautiful— from food to art.



You have a stunning Instagram. How did you come up with it and build such a big



Why, thank you. I’m just happy to be a tiny part of the Instagram community.


Honestly, I didn’t set out with the intention of building a large following. It happened very organically. I love sharing things that are inspiring, exciting, or delicious and interacting with the Instagram community. I’ve made some really wonderful friends—and even

started a book club—through Instagram. Social media is a magical thing!



Top 3 tips to take amazing Instagrams?


1.      Amazing photos start from the experience that’s happening behind the camera first. Explore your city and try new things and new foods. Those adventures and new

discoveries usually end up being the most interesting images.


2.      Whether you’re shooting with your phone or DSLR, lighting is important. Never use the flash on your smartphone for food photography and try shooting near a window if you’re indoors.


3.      Take advantage of the great editing apps available. My favorites are Snapseed and VSCO. You can work magic on a photo by just bumping up the exposure or throwing on the right filter.



You have a very distinct aesthetic in your food photography. What

artists/photographers inspire you?


I’ve always been drawn to clean lines and vibrant colors. There are too many chefs, artists, and photographers that I admire to name, but some of my favorites are

Karl Blossfeldt, Michael Bras, and Mel Kadel.



Favorite local artisan treats of choice?


I could eat Sweet Rose Creamery’s fudge pops every day.  And SQIRL jams are insanely good.



You’ve lived all around the world. What country has the best food?


I’m grateful for my experiences that have brought me abroad. Each country/city has its own charms and specialties, making it nearly impossible to pick, but I really crave the street food in Asia and the bakeries in France.



What featured April ingredient from The Fare Trade would you most like to photograph and why?


I’m in love with Ranch Gordo’s heirloom beans. I have been for a while. Every time I’m in Napa I stock up. They are delicious and since I don’t eat a lot of meat, they are a great protein source.



If you could be any food, what would you be and why? 


Can I give a very “Miss America” answer and be the food that ends world hunger? That would be pretty awesome. @JuliesKitchen on Twitter/Instagram


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