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Announcing December 2014


The Craveable Life Volume X

December, 2014 | A Retrospective

6 Small-Batch Ingredients

5 Mouthwatering Recipies

4 Award-Winning Chefs

1 New Culinary Adventure



Chef Jamie Malone Okra Tempura | Lemon Aioli

Chef Mark Estee Drunken Monkey Budino

Colby Garrelts Durum Twins Pasta | Crab Cream Sauce

Chef Brooke Williamson Butter Lettuces | Blue Cheese | Toasted Walnuts | Grapefruit Vinagrette + Maple Bourbon Baked Apple | Bacon Crumble | Vanilla Ice Cream


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Bacon Spread

Skillet Street Food

Seattle, WA

Curator: Josh Henderson

Made from uncured bacon that contains no nitrates or nitrites added, this product is a flavorful and rich ingredient with the ability to elevate even the simplest dish. Crafted with pork belly, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, and caramelized onions, and a selection of spices the mixture is sweet and tangy with deep umami notes.

Quick pureed and blast chilled the spread is a wonderful addition to Burgers, Sandwiches, or on Simple Toast. The Skillet Bacon Spread also works its magic added to a Mushroom Gravy, in the dressing for a salad Lyonnaise, or to add brightness to Sauteed Brussels Sprouts.




Drunken Monkey Jam

The Jam Stand

New York, NY

Curators: Jessica Quon & Sabrina Valle

The Jam Stand is Brooklyn’s happiest food company and started by two friends driven to push the limits of what packaged food can be by combining unique flavors. Using only the freshest fruit sourced from local farms their products have an imaginative personality and meticulous detail. The Drunken Monkey Jam is created with sugar-coated bananas, a splash of rum, and a squeeze of lime. Perfectly sweet with an undercurrent of tart notes, the jam compliments pancakes, jamaican jerk flavors, or even in cocktails.



Texas Grapefruit Shrub

Liber & Co.

Austin, TX

Curators: Chris Harrison, Adam Higginbotham, and Robert Higginbotham

Being Texas boys, the artisans being Liber & Co. grew up eating Rio Star grapefruits. Brilliantly red and sweet, the varietal is unique to South Texas and the ideal product to toast their home state. Crafted with a combination of grapefruits, coconut vinegar, cane sugar and allspice, the shrub is tart and tangy, with bright and zesty notes enhancing the flavor of cocktails and savory preparations.

While created with cocktails in mind and perfect in a Paloma or with Mezcal and Tequila this ingredient also can be integrated into heartier and sweet options such as Ice Cream, Tarts, Salad Dressings, or with raw seafood dishes like Sea Trout Crudo.


Pickled Okra

Unbound Pickling

Portland, OR

Creators: Jesse + Katie Hancock

With a passion for creating and eating good food the duo launched Unbound Pickling, focusing their attention of capturing and pickling the wide array of produce found through the Pacific Northwest. Sourced through direct relationships with farmers, ensuring peak-freshness, each individual jar of gourmet pickles is hand packed.

The Pickled Okra layers Southwestern spices such as cumin, lime and chipotle complementing piquant and robust flavors such as aged cheddar or mole.



Dumum Wheat Twins

Baia Pasta

Oakland, CA

Curator: Renato Sardo + Dario Barbone

While Italian law proclaims that dry pasta or "pasta secca" can be made only with durum wheat semolina, at Baia Pasta they use organic durum wheat semolina milled with a high extraction rate to improve flavor and texture. Due to this increased toothsome nature, the pasta can stand up to a hearty sauce such as ragu, melds perfectly when baked in the classic mac and cheese-style or utilized in a summer vegetable pasta salad.


Place Holder

Christmas Toffee

McFaddy Candy Co

Los Angeles, CA

Curator: Katherine Ellis

Named after her long line of family dogs, Katherine Ellis started McFaddy Candy Co. as homage to her mother's traditional recipes. Utilizing only all-naturally + locally sourced ingredients, McFaddy Candy Co. crafts small-batch treats such as Green Tea, Hawaiian Macadamia + a rotating selection of seasonally inspired flavors.


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