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Michael Rotondo

Michael Rotondo


United States Bocuse d'Or "Most Promising Chef" 

Chef de Cuisine at Parallel 37, The Ritz Carlton, San Francisco

Originally Featured November 2014

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About Chef Rotondo

I’ve always had a tenacity to be a self-starter. Having started my culinary journey at the young age of 15, working at a local restaurant in Boston, my appreciation for those willing to take the plunge and create their own direction knows no bounds. It’s one of the things that led me to The FareTrade and their dedication in profiling little known artisans across the country. As my career has progressed and allowed me to work throughout Europe, as Executive Chef at Charlie Trotter, and today as Chef de Cuisine at Parallel 37 at the Ritz Carlton San Francisco I’ve witnessed first-hand what amazing ingredients can be cooked up with passion and hardwork.


My basket with The FareTrade is at it’s core an homage to the makers whose products are featured and the recipes you’ll cook will showcase them in the purest sense. It was also important to showcase the epicurean nature of my new home, San Francisco - selecting seasonal ingredients and items synonymous with the region. I hope you’ll enjoy cooking alongside me and creating meals that are simple, robust, and interactive for family and friends - perfect for this celebratory time of year.