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Oklahoma Joe's | Kansas City, MO

DSC01021Oklahoma Joe's - the world-famous BBQ joint tucked away inside of a gas station in Kansas City, MO.  The flagship store on the corner of 47th + Mission: a smoked meat paradise that produces and intoxicating smell wafting for blocks. While this culinary mecca is a must visit for anyone who enjoys slow cooked meat and bold, layered flavors, be prepared to wait upwards of an hour in the line that winds through the restaurant, out the door + down the block.  But trust us, it is well worth the wait.  

DSC00994Even Anthony Bourdain named it one of his "13 Places To Eat Before You Die".


DSC00991The interior of the restaurant boasts banners and trophies from owner Jeff's numerous BBQ competition wins with his BBQ team "Slaughterhouse Five".




The Counter:  This is where it all starts.  You place your order and one of the fast-flying meat mavens scrambles together your order.  Ribs separated, brisket sliced, onion rings fried.



Open for both lunch + dinner, Oklahoma Joe's features daily specials.  But you'll be hard-pressed not to order the Z-man on your first visit.


new Z-Man.jpg


Photo Credit: Oklahoma Joes

This notorious sandwich boasts smoked brisket, smoked provolone cheese + onion rings...all smothered in their famous BBQ sauce and sandwiched between a Kaiser roll.  Delicious.  The origin of The Z-Man makes for a great story + no one tells it better than Joe's themselves.  Click here to get the low-down.




Oklahoma Joe's is not a place of restraint.  Take our cue and order a little bit of everything.  Brisket, Ribs, The Z-Man - you DON'T want to miss out.


DSC01005The aftermath.


Next time you find yourself in Missouri - or in East Kansas - follow your nose, brave the line, and reward your taste buds with some tender, smokey meat.