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Ingredient Highlight | Sonora Stone Milled Flour


Sonora Stone Milled Flour

Grist + Toll

Pasadena, CA

Curator: Nan Kohler

Despite being a whole grain flour, the Stone Milled Sonora Flour from Grist + Toll produces delicately textured pastries and breads. A landrace variety, it is one of the oldest known strains of wheat grown in North America - believed to have entered California in the early 1700's, becoming one of the most popular grains grown in the state, before virtually vanishing.

Having reappeared thanks to exhausting efforts from the Grist & Toll team, Sonora Milled Flour features a sweet, nutty + rich, creamy flavor that is perfect as a stand-alone bread flour, for pastry applications + used as seen in Chef Mahin's signature pizza dough recipe.


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